IT Strategy, Planning and Governance

Understanding your business and aligning the use of technologies and finite resources are key to defining a workable IT strategy.  Enabling the planning and creation of an effective operational framework and programme of change that will add real, measurable value to your organisation.

Crucial to this success is measuring the performance of these service offerings and managing the associated risks.  As well as ensuring the business as a whole (including key stakeholders) is involved and accountable.

Ossia IT can assist and advise you on:

  • Creating or redeveloping your IT strategy.
  • Planning the associated deliverables.
  • Implementing a workable governance framework.
  • Creating real, measurable value to your business.

We will ensure a workable, effective and continuously improved IT governance framework is in place, that will empower IT and ensure that the on-going strategy is carefully managed and aligned with the goals of the business.

IT Organisation and Service Management

Every business has an individual approach to managing its operations, from centralised models to autonomous federated models. IT has witnessed enormous change in the last two decades, the standard model of centralised teams isolated from the business now something of a rarity.

New approaches are now required, for example effective customer and supplier management, and service management is a key part of overall IT operations and strategy. Ensuring that the structure of the team, the roles assigned and underlying service management approach are embedded into your IT function are key components in the successful delivery of the services and support being provided to your business.

Ossia IT are able to help. We will seek to understand your business, your IT organisation and your pain points and help you create an appropriate service strategy plan, based on operational best practice and industry standards (for example ITIL). We can also manage the transition from the existing world and assist with the implementation of the new approach.

Systems and Service Delivery

With the IT strategy created and agreed, so follows the programme of transformational change adding value to the business. With the diverse nature of IT products, systems and solutions it is not always clear which direction to take. Designing, delivering and operating new services requires an array of technical and management skill sets.

Ossia IT can provide resources and know how to get the job done. From technical consultants and engineers to seasoned project and programme professionals, we have the experience to provide end to end successful project lifecycle delivery.

We can also assist with the management of the on-going project portfolio, maximising the value and return on investment for your projects.

  • Technical Engineering
  • Technical Consulting
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Portfolio Management

In addition, we are also able to meet your tactical project requirements including:

  • Office moves
  • Data centre moves
  • Business mergers
  • IT audits
  • IT health checks
  • Desktop rollouts / refresh
  • Security testing