Project Description

Gispen pedestals provide plenty of personal storage at the workstation.

Movable containers on castors can be fitted with drawers or pull out files.  Several sizes allow you to chose for optimal storage and efficient workflows.

Storage is made easy with a wide range of metallic and co-ordinated top material colours, and widths of 32 and 42 centimetres and heights of 49,5 and 54 centimetres.


  • 4 Swivel wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Body painted in one of the standard Gispen colours
  • Steel top or optionally covered with an inlay
  • Optional material drawer behind top drawer
  • Metal integrated handles
  • With standard drawers and/or vertical files drawer

  • All drawers pull out 105%
  • Standard drawers have perforations that allow for the placing of dividers
  • Frame across the full depth of the drawer for vertical files
  • Standard central locking mechanism
  • Tilting prevention and drawer-blocking to prevent several drawers from being opened at the same time.

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