Project Description

Gispen SDK storage cabinets combine good looks with clever design to minimise disturbance in the workplace.

Silent sliding doors, perforation patterns and acoustic material at the back of the doors make these a practical and decorative element in your office.


As standard, Gispen SDK comes with lockable doors and round perforation.

Available in 4 standard widths 160, 180, 200 cm and 240 cm (depth 50 cm) and in 4 heights:

  • 100 cm – 2 binders high
  • 130 cm – 3 binders high
  • 160 cm – 4 binders high
  • 195 cm – 5 binders high

The cabinets are painted in various Gispen paint colours but can be customised upon request.


Customise your cabinets in a decorative perforation pattern, own design or fabric colour (available on request).

Perforation options:

  • Not perforated (smooth)
  • Perforation slot
  • Perforation square
  • Design your own

Chose an acoustic back panel with the same perforation as the front side, ecovilt with magnet film or a fully upholstered back panel.