Project Description

A Parade chair is a light, sturdy, multi-purpose chair that is easily customised to suit your needs.

Designed with end use in mind – all edges are softly and functionally rounded, whilst a severe and exact expression is maintained.

Clear cut joints from legs to seat and to the backrest result in a harmonic use of laminated wood and steel.  An elegant chair of immense strength.

When linked in rows the backs of the chairs appear in an interesting wave formation. The high, laminated seat ring allows for a very comfortable experience.

Parade stacks compactly for easy storage.

Back, seat ring and arm rest: Moulded, laminated beech or maple.  Transparent lacquer or painted black with soft touch effect.

Frame: Bright chrome or powder coated steel tubes.

Seat top: Upholstered – also available with removable seat top and with front side of back upholstered.

Accessories: Linking device, trolley, hang-up bracket and writing tablet.